Clean City Index

To improve the city’s cleanliness, we must monitor the street littering.

We provide to the cities worldwide an objective and automatic measurement system, based on intelligent vision.

Mobile cameras recognise and map the littering according to categories in the whole city and compute a cleanliness index.

Clean City Index


We aspire to live in a clean and safe environment.

A clean city attracts tourism and sustainable business.
A clean city preserves our environnment and generates less cleaning cost.

“Cortexia’s approach to further improve urban cleanliness while reducing costs is very promising –
As a partner, the city of Zürich is very proud to significantly contribute to this development.

We are also confident that this solution has the potential to be a useful and indispensable tool for cities worldwide. ”

Michael Ultsch

City of Zürich

« This solution will allow to scale-up the evaluation system promoted in France by AVPU.

Better, human and mechanical cleansing ressources will be affected according to the level of soiling and thus reduce the cost of cleanliness »

Hervé Guillaume


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