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Alexandre Bagnoud

«The SIG as well as the customers who have chosen Electricité Vitale Vert are committed to cities which are sustainable, in particular through its Vitale Innovation Fund, which promotes innovative projects in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainable energies. We are very pleased to support the “Geneva Clean City Lab” project by Cortexia and the City of Geneva. It’s an innovative solution which enables the optimisation of city cleaning, in terms of both energy and quality. This pilot project will reduce CO2 emissions in the City of Geneva, and can be replicated in other cities.»

Stefan Pozner

« The cleanliness index provides us with detailed information on the state of cleanliness in the City of Basel’s streets and squares. Thanks to the high number of observations, we can evaluate the data in a variety of ways. We use this information on the one hand, for the accountability towards the cleanliness level which has been set and, on the other, for the allocation of resources to cleaning areas and for operational planning.»

José Vilarino

«With the Cortexia tool, I can work with my team on a daily basis on objective cleanliness indicators. This allows a constructive exchange with new solutions where everyone is involved. Together, for example, we have succeeded in reducing the number of hours of machine use.»

Jens Rupp

« Philip Morris International is committed to halving global product littering by 2025. This is a very ambitious goal, which requires mobilising all stakeholders. To act with the greatest possible impact, to assess the effectiveness of measures taken and to measure progress, it is necessary to be able to objectively quantify the amount of waste. Cortexia, with its solution based on artificial intelligence, provides facts, measured and precise data. This data can be acquired anywhere in the world.»

Hervé Guillaume

«The AVPU has been working with Cortexia since its beginnings on the measurement of cleanliness and, more broadly, on issues related to improving the cleanliness of cities. Cortexia’s solutions make real progress possible and this partnership fully meets the needs of our members.»

Michael Ultsch

«Cortexia’s solution for improving urban cleanliness while controlling costs is very promising. The City of Zurich is proud to have made a major contribution as a partner in this development. We are confident that this solution has the potential to be a useful and indispensable tool for cities around the world.»

Christophe Billard

“CORTEXIA allows us to evaluate the state of cleanliness of the streets, based on photos taken by cameras installed on vehicles.
Following the installation of 3 cameras on vehicles, the cleanliness of Rueil-Malmaison is measured and recorded continuously using optical recognition. The cameras were installed on 2 sweepers and 1 truck.
We are satisfied with this tool.
We see 2 main interests in it:

* Targeting the streets to be improved and the priority sources of dirt. Also, the measurements make it possible to check whether the results of the actions taken are in line with expectations.
* To communicate, particularly on the map which allows the cleanliness of streets to be visualised according to their index.
An additional weapon to put efficiency at the heart of the business.”

Mauro Lorenzi

Head of City of Geneva’s Highways Authority

Dominik Egli

City cleanliness manager for Canton Basel-Stadt

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Our solutions enable both cities and businesses to manage urban cleanliness accurately and objectively, making cities more attractive and sustainable.

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